Monday, October 19, 2009

An October post

It's my favourite time of year!! I love this cold weather. I've been hoarding a couple drawings... sorry for lack of recent updates. Hope you like! Here's some Harry Potter fanart, an Iron Giant fanart, Edward Scissorhands, and some original characters (the shirtless dude is a commission off The African Girl is actually over a year old but I still haven't gotten around to colouring it so thought I'd post it in here. Blue col-erase, ball point pen, and Photoshop for colours, EXCEPT the Bellatrix drawing (the witch lady) was drawn and coloured in Sketchbook Pro (SO IN LOVE WITH SBP) I hope I can get around to colouring a couple of these in the future.

Other News: My film is being screened at a festival in Alberta (GIRAF5) on November 8th so if you're in the neighbourhood ... REPRESENT!