Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long time no posty HUGE DUMP

I kinda forgot to update my blogger! Oops~ Here's some recent and not-so-recent stuff

1. The Flash, a request for my best friend who was stressed out with school, Photoshop
2. My character, Tak, photoshop
3. A commission for someone on deviantart, their character, col-erase/photoshop
4.A dwarf hamster I saw at PetSmart, which is apparently my spirit animal, iPad Sketchbook Pro
5. Sailor Uranus and Neptune from Sailor Moon, drawn for the Mercury Girls sketchblog theme "lesbians" http://mercurygirls.tumblr.com
6.My character, Prince, my first attempt at a photoshop "speed paint/drawing" lol!
7.Commissions off deviantart, their original characters, iPad Sketchbook Pro
8.Commission off deviantart, their original character, iPad Sketchbook Pro
9.Commission for an online friend, the guy is my character, girl is her's, photoshop
10.Commission for one of my best friends, Baby Doll from Sucker Punch, col-erase/photoshop
11.Art trade off deviantart, friend from Japanese class, her original character, col-erase/photoshop

1 comment:

Shane Plante said...

I hate the movie... but your drawing of that femme from Sucker punch is lovely